28 October 2011
For long time there were no updates and finally they appeared. See new fonts;)
09 May 2009
New fonts for you.
11 October 2008
See new fonts for your photoshop :) And my guestbook reopened...
21 June 2008
See my new avatars in the community ava_dream. All the works in this community have been done by me. Look in my site fantasyflash.ru too :)
04 November 2007
Smiles for you: teddy (lulu) and cat smiles (cao-ani)
21 October 2007
New avatars: sweet and nature
20 October 2007
You can see a new part — smiles for your guestbooks, blogs, forums... You can choose everything you want. Thanks to Livejournal and bouncybubbles!
09 September 2007
New avatars: children and autumn nature
11 August 2007
New avatars: flowers. And a part of animation is opened (look new dolls here).
14 Jule 2007
The gallery of backgrounds is opened. Pleasant preview :) I hope, you will like most of them and they will be useful for their homepages or blogs. The majority of backgrounds was taken from Russian website fonegallery.narod.ru. The collection will be updates!
07 Jule 2007
Guestbook is opened! Write here your references and wishes.
06 Jule 2007
Today the website becomes opened to visitors. And countres of visits appear here today. Amongst updates look at new nice wallpapers for desktop with cartoons. Wait for new beautiful updates!
30 June 2007
At last I found time to paint the design of my site. Not all divisions and links work yet, but you can see something already. I have a site fantasyflash.ru with many people known especially in Russia. Ollenkka.com is a small English version of my fantasyflash.ru and part of sections are here new! (brushes, fonts)
29 May 2007
A new domain appeared in the net. This date maybe Birthday of ollenkka.com :) Apropos, my nikname in the net is Ollenkka.
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