About me and my site ollenkka.com

About ollenkka.com

At first the website was planned as English version of my Russian website fantasyflash.ru which people from different countries visit now. If you know Russian then you will welcome to fantasyflash.ru (the country of fantasy). Except graphics and animations (witch partly you can find now in ollenkka.com too), there is a collection of scripts, a wide collection of graphics, articles and alot of other useful things in Russian version.

A part of works in this website was done by me, my assistans helped me to make other part of collection (especially avatars), and the main part of pictures just was collected since 2003 in the net. But there are a great number of materials and one person can't draw all things because it's just impossible. I don't think that you will be against acquaintance with my selected collection. I have a lot of things which will make you glad.

All the using resours see in the part credits.

I will glad very much if you put my button/banner in your website and visit my website ollenkka.com again :)

About me

Name: Ollenkka (Olya).
Country: Russia (Perm).
Birthday: 18 august.
Photo: instagram.com/olya_prm.
Education: higer education, programmer.
Hobby: figure skating, seo, webdesign and programming.
Languages: russian, german, english.
I like: Ice, skates, noise of rain, roses, light colours, postcards, invent, create, painting, summer rain whith rainbow, air ballons...
Knowledge: css, html, seo, php, mySQL, JS, design, PhotoShop, ImageReady, Ulead Gif Animator...
My blog: ollenkka.livejournal.com (Russian version)